Vastu Tips for Good Luck

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Vastu tips for Good Luck

In this article we will share some simple Vastu Tips for Good Luck that you can make your home more auspicious and give better vibes. The tips that we will give you are easy, inexpensive and you can do these easily and make the place you stay more peaceful and lucky for you.

1)      Hang small bells with red ribbon tied together on your main door (Outside) to bring good luck.

2)      Keep Dakshin Mukhi Shankh & Laxmi Kaudi in temple for positivity , wealth & prosperity.

3)      Keep your main door so attractive to attract positive energy.

4)      Place green plant in north corner at your home.

5)      Don’t hang date calendar on front side and back side of your door.

6)      Always keep a tabletop fountain to enhance good luck.

7)      Hang a picture of sun rise on east wall of your living room.

8)      Keep fresh flower in your living room.

9)      Use separate towel of each members in the home.

10)   Always see sun rise after taking bath.

11)  Keep your money locker in south west corner.

12)  Money locker should open towards North direction.

13)  Place a Feng shui Laughing Buddha facing front door.

14)  Don’t place a mirror directly facing main door.

15) Hang a Indrajal opposite Main Entrance to get rid of Evil Effects.


Vastu and Feng Shui have nothing to do with religion, they are the science of balancing the five elements that is Earth, fire, water, space, and air to attain maximum benefits out of life. If your house or work place is not Vastu Compliant it can be made Vastu Compliant with placing Vastu Shastra Items & Feng shui Products .


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