Shani Tarka Yantra


  1. Shani Tarka or shani tadi is made from the lead metal which is earthly descendent of Saturn.
  2. Towards the direction West, Saturn reinforces the qualities of all dimensions. This yantra helps in alignment of the cosmic forces. This is one of the highly effective remedy for vastu defect on west side of the premises.
  3. Vastu correction required in case of following defect towards the westen zone of the premises:-   1. Open terrace at western part of the house 2. T junction facing the west 3. More open space at west than the east 4. Location of door at wrong section in the west wall 5. Borewell or Water tank at west 6. Kitchen at west Installation of Shani Tarka . 4) Shani Tarka (Shani Tadi) can be concealed in the western wall or can be hang on the western wall.

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