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Citrine Bracelet

Rs.1,025 Rs.699

  • Citrine is believed to have the power to provide other benefits besides wealth and success as it also symbolises hope, youth, health and fidelity.
  • Citrine brings out optimism and enthusiasm while enhancing the wearer’s concentration power.
  • It awakens the higher mind and is, thus, excellent for overcoming depression and phobias.
  • It also have healing powers, citrine is highly beneficial in reversing degenerative diseases.
  • It stimulates the digestive system, spleen and pancreas while negating hypertension, detoxifying
  • the blood, activating the thymus, balancing the thyroid and fortifying the nerves.
  • Citrine helps relieve constipation, menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms, thus reducing hot flashes while balancing the hormones and alleviating fatigue. It is also said to be able to removes cellulite.
  • Citrine is popular choice because it has lot of benefits in the terms of wealth & prosperity, job promotions, spiritual help, Intellect, ambition, personal power, protective. and provides lots of positive energy.
  • Wearing this stone can actually help to boost your spirit.

Citrine-bracelet is Energized by our Vastu experts before sending to our Clients